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Donnerstag, Februar 15, 2007

Sounds Of American Doomsday Cults

The Church Universal and Triumphant Inc. feat. Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Von diesem Album habe ich vor Jahren schonmal ein paar Ausschnitte 
gehört und fand schon damals, dass das so ziemlich der seltsamste Scheiss 
ist, der je den Weg auf meinen Rechner gefunden hat. Dank demPCL 
Linkdump gibt es jetzt das ganze Album als download. 

Ja, muss man haben. 

"Elizabeth Clare Prophet purchased 24,000 acres in Paradise Valley, Montana and started The Church Universal and Triumphant, a creepy new age doomsday cult in which Prophet channeled spirits such as Jesus, Buddha, K-17, Morya, Quan Yin, Afra, Hercules, Mighty Victory, Astrea, Shiva, Pope John XXIII, and more.

Prophet and her husband stockpiled arms, built giant bomb shelters, and coerced their devotees to purchase their own survival equipment at exorbitant prices. Throughout its existence various members of CUT were indicted for kidnapping, lost custody of the children who belonged to the church and were investigated for tax exempt status and firearms violations.

This record features live recordings of Clare Prophet 'speaking' out against the evils of rock music. She sounds perfectly normal as she introduces her 'psalms' or 'songs' or 'speeches' or whatever they are. But when she gets going, it's amazing. And so goddamn insane sounding. Her rapid fire high pitched testifying sounds a bit like an impossible mix of an auctioneer, a yodeller, the guy who sings the directions at a square dance, Neil Hamburger huffing helium and variations of baseball's 'hey batter batter' chant only faster." (von hier)