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Mittwoch, Mai 10, 2006

Sieht scheisse aus, ist aber genial.

YouTube Direkt


Hannes Coetzee’s is a soft-spoken 72-year old whose job is tapping the aloes that grow around his Karoo hometown of Herberstdale (South Africa) for their medicinal juice. Hannes composes his own songs and learnt to play the guitar on the side of the hill when the aloes were too dry to tap and to keep himself company on long lonely evenings in the mountains of the Kamiesbeg. The only known practitioner of the ‘optel and knyp’style he must rank as one of the most unusual slide guitarists in the world. If you shut your eyes you would think that there were two people accompanying each other on guitars.


At 5:26 nachm., Blogger Boogie said...

Boah, I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth ...

Komischerweise läuft das Video hier im Tulpenland nicht. Ich hab's dann aber bei YouTube direkt gesucht und gefunden. Ganz großes Kino. Ein beneidenswerter Musiker.


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