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Dienstag, August 09, 2005

People I don't know are trying to kill me.

Well, of course there's nothing funny about the terrorist attacks in London. But, ya know, how people cope with things like this definetely can be.
A great source of bullshit always was and will be guys who are usually do something completely different but long to venture into unknown territory. Take a jornalist who would like to be a musician... and you're almost there. Neil McCormick is a journalist and since it's not enough to write about the terror, he recorded a song and this tune sure has the best title one can possibly come up with. Ladies 'n Gentlemen: "People I don't know are trying to kill me". He goes by the handle "The Ghost Who Walks" wich is almost even more besides the topic than the titel itself. There it is again: Best intentions paired up with total cluelessness, a badly executed idea becoming much bigger than it would be justified. Bad song, embarrassing lyrics, but fancy website. I didn't dare to watch the video yet.
PLEASE do yourself a favour and visit Of course, the track is Bono-approved. Obviously he hasn't lost all of his humor and so his statement is right on the spot: "This is a song that needs to be heard now." Yeah right!